Your Trusted Partner in Green Cleaning

shutterstock_27031426Keeping the environment clean inside and out is a commitment we make to our clients. Our Healthy High Performance Cleaning from one of the leading innovators in green technology, Johnson Diversey, ensures that your employees, visitors, occupants, patients or students are in healthy, safe and clean surroundings. All products are bio-degradable and chemical-free.

No More Sick Building Syndrome

Our plan offers best practices and guidelines since only products that meet the standards set by Green Seal, an independent, non-profit organization since 1989, are specifically selected for the Healthy High Performance Cleaning Program.

Working with environmentally friendly products not only improves the air quality in buildings, but can also reduce health problems traditional products may cause.

From schools to hospitals, to warehouses and offices, selecting a Green Cleaning Program from LCS can improve the overall quality in your building.

A Holistic Approach

Working with the proper equipment, procedures and training has the LCS Green Team focus on removing harmful elements from the floors, to the air ducts, from the entryways to the bathrooms.

LCS is committed to providing a safer, healthier building environment.